The Akwaaba Mixed-able Dance Company. is a unique dance theater company in Ghana integrating able-bodied & disabled artists and performers.It is the first and only mixed-able dance company in Ghana.
Akwaabamix was founded in Ghana through the collaboration of DinA13 tanz company in Cologne and the Goethe Institute in Accra.After a project by the dina13 tanz company with dancers from the Ghana society of the Physically Disabled and the dance factory from the National theater of Ghana, Akwaabamix was was founded on March 26, 2009 in Accra,Ghana by five dancers, three with disability and two without.  Since then its productions and workshops have had a major impact challenging conventional attitudes about disability and the arts in Ghana.The maiden dance piece, "PATTERNS BEYOND TRACES"received positive comments from Ghana and Europe. Gerda Konig  is the choreographer for the dance piece and assisted by Gitta Roser.The second dance piece which was premiere in Accra with the tittle "MATTERS WITH DIFFERENCES" is not doing bad either.


Is to explore the functional use of dance as an advocacy tool on disability,,cultural,social and political issues.


We believe in working with all people who want to dance.

We believe in a creative process based on equality.

We believe integrated dance reduces isolation and empowers self-expression and personal growth for all people.

We believe when everybody is welcome to participate in an accessible process, communities are strongest and healthiest.

We believe mixed abilities dance performances encourage viewers to examine their beliefs, misconceptions and attitudes about people with disabilities.

We believe that creating and supporting inclusive dance groups in communities throughout the country awakens the spirit of equality and diversity in each community.

  • to create and perform contemporary dance that is developed through the collaboration of dancers with and without disabilities
  • to teach dance and educate about collaboration and disability through community education and outreach programs
  • to promote and support physically integrated dance locally, nationally and internationally



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